The Jamie Beckwith Collection® is comprised with the highest level of creative expression and a design-focused approach to crafting prestige surfaces. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Jamie and her creative team focus on the sensory experience of textile design through the exploration of wood and ceramic surfaces. As the Creative Director, Jamie works to curate elevated design experiences for her clients. Finding balance within the alchemy of design, her signature style makes the collection instantly recognizable. With constant evolution, Jamie’s studio has found its place as the leader of unique surfacing within the world of luxury interior design.

Founded with passion, The Jamie Beckwith Collection® tells the authentic story of modern surfacing. With her creative team, Jamie works to craft textiles that serve as the foundation of synchronized design within the realm of creative, commercial and residential projects. Her design narratives are expressed through the unique flooring selections that intentionally become core statements for every project. History and modernity are merged with imagination and craftsmanship, in order to find the perfect balance between art and functionality.

As the driving force and Creative Director, Jamie’s travels and personal experiences inform the collection’s designs. Combining art and modern creativity, her work speaks for itself by conveying emotional responses. The collection embraces the artisans’ ethos in using the highest quality materials and setting the standard for attention to detail. Every product celebrates the individual, natural beauty of each piece through expertly handmade craftsmanship. The Jamie Beckwith Collection® presents the uniqueness and intrigue of nature, combined with the heart of design. With a global lens for visual expression, Jamie’s collection pays homage to the beauty of textiles found within the natural world. Having an eye for the unexpected, her multi-faceted surfacing treatments transform ordinary spaces into the extraordinary.