Are JBC products sold by the square foot?
Yes. All JBC products are sold by the square foot but manufactured and distributed as individual wood tiles.

What are the lead times for JBC products?
Lead times vary from 4-8 weeks depending on the collection. Please check with manufacturing on more accurate lead times based on order details.

Can JBC products be sold unfinished?
Yes. All JBC products can be sold unfinished without stain. Please contact manufacturing to inquire about pricing discrepancies for raw materials.

Can I install JBC products myself?
JBC strongly recommends that all Enigma® flooring patterns be installed by a professional installer. Please contact your manufacturing for a list of suggested professionals.

Can I specify more than one stain within an order?
Yes. All JBC products are considered custom and allow for flexibility in specifying stain options and wood species.
If ¼ Sawn White Oak is specified what percentage of the order will actually be ¼ sawn wood?
On average, when specifying ¼ Sawn White Oak, Enigma® hardwood flooring is comprised of 70% ¼ sawn White Oak and 30% rift-sawn White Oak.


How are the Projection™ blocks installed?
Installation of Projection™ wood blocks is relatively easy when following JBC’s installation instructions. We recommend Bona Adhesive for glue-up application of Projection™ blocks. A professional installer is not necessary, although we always recommend such.

What is a Projection™ “split block”?
JBC’s Projection™ split blocks are manufactured from reclaimed furniture posts that are mechanically bonded together using formaldehyde-free adhesive. The result is a solid block with four quadrants that is unique to the industry and only offered through the Jamie Beckwith Collection®. Split blocks are available in the following wood species: Ash, Southern Maple, White Oak and Walnut.

Do I need to specify the depths/quantities for a Projection™ order?
JBC will automatically figure quantities of each depth based on total square footage. Unless otherwise specified, an equal amount of each depth will be distributed. Approximately 12 blocks make up one square foot.

Are custom Enigma® patterns available?
Custom patterns are available upon request and will include a design/set-up fee. JBC reserves the right to deny the manufacturing of custom patterns based on their professional discretion.

Are Enigma® floor patterns engineered hardwood?
Yes. All Enigma® patterns are cut from engineered planks consisting of a 9-ply Baltic Birch substrate and a 5/16” White Oak or Walnut top layer.